Direct cooking

Enhance the flavors of the dishes
Choose a direct
cooking oven
Reduced times, cost savings

Direct cooking features transportable models, 2.5 mm quality steel, 12 cm thick insulation and electro-galvanised and painted sheets to withstand the elements. All models can be configured in a stand or trolley version.

The noble materials used optimise oven performance, such as heat preservation and long-term reliability. The kiln vaults, thanks to a team of specialised master welders, are continuously welded, not spot-welded and not screwed, which would not guarantee a long service life of the vault itself given the heat stresses to which it is exposed.
This, together with the presence of a 6-mm steel-corten flame beater, allows Fontana Forni to offer a 6-year warranty on the vault.


Girofiamma is a technical innovation Made in Fontana. This technique forces the heat to make a wide path before leaving the cooking chamber, therefore remaining longer inside and passing through the strategic points of the vault.
GIROFIAMMA and the innovative dome cooking chamber guarantee a uniform heat distribution and allow you to bake the pizza without closing the door of the Pizza Oven.

Technological Design

Our unique and innovative cooking chamber, domed front-to-back and side-to-side, eliminates hot spots and ensures uniform heat distribution. Our proprietary exhaust design allows smoke to exit even when the door is closed for maximum heat retention and consistent cooking temperatures.

Wood or Gas?

Direct fired wood-fired ovens reach operating temperature in less than 20 minutes and consume less wood and gas (up to 80% less than a conventional oven).
In the same amount of time that the oven heats up, it is therefore possible to prepare the pizza for baking, thus optimising processing time.

The Pizza Gas Ovens are CE, ETL and CSA certified, therefore carefully designed and built in compliance with European and North American safety regulations and offer the same performance as the wood burning ones, but ensuring greater convenience and speed in the ignition phases.
Gas combustion also ensures less maintenance; in fact, not producing ash or cooking residues, they require minimal cleaning.


It allows you to enjoy a cooking style that is, at the same time, authentic and capable of producing the best dishes in the world. A wood-fired oven is much more than a pizza; as versatile as a conventional oven it can cook any type of food.


Direct fired ovens are ideal for cooking pizza as in the best Neapolitan pizzerias, and not only.
Roasts, stews, slow-cooking on terracotta or cast iron casserole.
The high temperature created inside the oven vault, with no dispersion into the environment, makes it possible to grill meat or the legendary Fiorentina steak, cooked to perfection.

Standard equipment
15 minutes

to reach the temperature necessary to cook the pizza

2 minutes

for cooking authentic Neapolitan pizza

220 degrees centigrade

the ideal temperature for baking homemade bread

40 minutes

the time for baking bread

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