Hybrid Cooking

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Hybrid cooking, simply unique

Fontana Forni, innovation that comes from tradition.

Designing a versatile cooking system, far from conventions, which realizes all the culinary inspirations and traditional recipes in a short time and with the performance of a professional medium.

Explore hybrid cooking systems, designing ovens, barbecues, smokers, searing plates, allowing the simultaneous use of different fuels, gas, coal and wood, configuring the cooking medium according to your style and the dishes you intend to cook.

Are you short on time?

Now the decision to use the oven with gas or with a fragrant wood embers can take place simultaneously, only in relation to the time you can dedicate to your guests.

The weekend with all the time available, you can savour the dishes cooked with the taste of the tradition of the wood-burning oven and during midweek dinners, when the times are tighter, you can count on a gas-powered oven that within 10 minutes is already at the right temperature to take out the most tasty pizzas.

Simply revolutionary outdoor kitchen

Versatile as a gas cooker, performing as a professional oven, warm like the embrace of the domestic hearth, Pizza&Cucina is a revolutionary idea of Fontana working with wood or charcoal which allows the great cooking enthusiast to express himself at the best.

Pizza&Cucina is an oven for pizza and bread, a barbecue, a grill, a smoker, a plancha and also a wok. The standard equipment is supplied with all the necessary accessories to configure the product according to yourneeds.

Wood 2 Charcoal

Char-Oven is an innovative combination of barbecue and oven in one device. Fueled by coal or wood, its exclusive design of closed barbecue has different positioning levels for the cooking grates and a functional up and down door system to allow easy handling of the cooking.

Char-Oven cooking is assisted by forced ventilation which facilitates the uniform distribution of heat throughout the cooking surface. The oven equipment includes a set of natural refractory stones to allow the cooking of real Italian pizza, bread and the mostrefined desserts.


different cooking methods

10 minutes

to reach the ideal cooking temperature for pizza

15 people

served with a single cooking

20 minutes

for a perfect embers