Hybrid Oven: features and Fontana models

Hybrid ovens, what are they?

Hybrid ovens allow the simultaneous use of different fuels, gas, coal and wood, configuring the cooking medium according to your style and the dishes you intend to cook.

Hybrid ovens are the ideal choice for those who do not want to give up the pleasure of cooking with wood, but who, for reasons of practicality, sometimes have to resort to the more practical and faster gas cooking.

Fontana Forni has decided to design a versatile cooking system, far from conventions, which realizes in a short time and with the performance of a professional medium all the culinary inspirations and recipes of tradition.

Hybrid oven, synonym of versatility

One of the greatest advantages of the Hybrid Ovens is, without doubt, their versatility.

With these ovens it is possible to choose the fuel that best suits our goals and our needs: cooking with wood undoubtedly requires more time and also more practice, so it is certainly more suitable for occasions when you have more time to prepare a meal, while gas cooking is more immediate and easily manageable, also ideal for midweek dinners where the rhythms are particularly inclement.

Or, ovens in which it is possible to cook with both wood and charcoal, thus creating an innovative combination of barbecue and oven, all in one device.

Fontana Hybrid Ovens

Fontana ovens of the hybrid line are:

  • Piero
  • Char-Oven
  • Pizza & Cucina
Piero – perfect if you are short on time!

The pizza oven (but not only), winner of the Good Design Award 2021, which can work with both wood and gas, for the first time without the need for inconvenient disassembly and assembly of burners or complicated insertion of bulkheads or safety guards to protect the burner.

Char-Oven – 2 in 1, Oven and  Barbecue

Char-Oven is an innovative combination of barbecue and oven in one device. Fueled by charcoal or wood, its exclusive closed barbecue design is equipped with different levels of positioning of the cooking grids and a functional up-and-down door system to allow easy management of cooking.

Pizza & Cucina – Revolutionary outdoor kitchen

Pizza & Cucina, the revolutionary idea from Fontana Forni, with wood or charcoal combustion: as versatile as a gas cooker, as high-performance as a professional oven, as warm as the embrace of home hearth. Ideal for pizza, bread, barbecue, grill, smoker and much more

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