The perfect barbecue: how to choose it?

The choice of the barbecue model must start from one’s own needs, both for cooking and for positioning space, in short, it is not just a matter of taste, but also of space! And obviously maintenance is also an important factor in choosing the ideal barbecue.

Let’s see the main features together.

Wood barbecue, gas barbecue: which alternative to choose and why?

Gas barbecue

Gas barbecues can be considered as a cross between electric barbecues and wood-burning barbecues. Surely, if you are looking for ease of use, the gas barbecue is the right choice: choosing this tool will allow us to prepare our grills with peace of mind, without worrying about generating smoke or odors. This is very important especially when you have smaller spaces available or in any case in places where the smoke and smell could annoy the neighbors.

The main advantages of a gas barbecue are:

  • ease of use: with this type of barbecue you will feel like you are cooking on the stove; moreover, the heat emanated always remains constant, which makes cooking easier;
  • ease of cleaning: cleaning the gas grill is really simple and undemanding;
  • absence of smoke and odors: the only smell emanating will be that of the food being cooked! In fact, thanks to the gas system you can say goodbye to the problem of smoke and odors; you can also easily grill on your balcony without annoying the neighbors.
Wood-burning Barbecue

For flame lovers, those who adore the ritual of lighting the fire and preparing the embers, they certainly can’t help but choose a traditional wood-burning barbecue.

Among the main advantages of this tool we certainly have:

  • stronger flavor of the dishes: the aroma given by wood cooking is really an extra gear;
  • greater versatility: wood-burning barbecues allow you to cook a greater variety of foods
  • temperature regulation: a wood-burning barbecue allows you to cook food evenly without too much difficulty.

Now you just have to choose your ideal barbecue, browsing the entire Fontana Forni range and finally heat the grills!

Gas barbecue
Wood-burning barbecue