Maestro, the beauty of meeting up

Maestro, the beauty of meeting up

Discover the symphony of Italian cooking

Cooking a fantastic Neapolitan pizza, roasting meat and fish, baking crunchy and succulent bread has never been easier thanks to Maestro!

Even in impromptu moments, when you decide to organize a dinner at the last minute or you don’t organize it at all: for special improvised meals, choose the new Oven Fontana Maestro.

Maestro is Love for the small attentions, for the glances, for the pleasure of finding yourself in front of a fantastic dinner, typical of Italian cooking.

What evening would it be without MAESTRO?

Maestro is available in two different sizes, to adapt to every need!

Maestro 60, useful cooking surface of 60×40 cm, to ensure performance identical to that of a professional oven, but with the advantage of being able to be taken anywhere.

Discover Maestro 60

Maestro 40, the smallest oven in the Fontana family, but with the largest cooking area on the market in its category: 40×40 cm.

Discover Maestro 40