Piero: winner of the Good Design Award 2021

We are pleased and proud to announce that Piero, from the Fontana Forni family, has won the Good Design Award 2021!

An avant-garde product, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view: a compact oven, designed for everyday use, capable of combining the pleasure of traditional wood-burning cooking with the convenience and speed of gas cooking.

The design of Piero was entrusted to Whynot Design, who managed to dress the Fontana Forni product with a young, iconic look that has maintained a link with the reassuring shapes of the Italian culinary tradition and wood-burning ovens.

Its shape has been designed to recall the traditional dome of the pizza oven, but interpreting it with a more innovative, fresher and younger key.

Designed for a dual installation method, with and without trolley, Piero has a design that remains elegant and innovative in both configurations.

The chromatic subdivision of the front elements is punctually designed to lighten the product, giving it a more friendly and youthful appearance, and at the same time emphasizing the interface area, where the burner knobs and the thermometer are located.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the trolley: robust and functional, it integrates 4 solid sheet metal legs with perforated surfaces, which give character to the product.

Piero is therefore ultimately the new icon of pizza ovens: a shape that recalls the reassuring ones of traditional wood-burning ovens, the ones we used to see in family homes, but with an added boost, that of innovation.