Charcoal Mate

Direct cooking

Charcoal Mate …. A simple, practical, easy-to-clean barbecue with sturdy anodised fixed aluminium legs and a enameled steel body. All enameled edges are curled over to prevent rust forming on sharp edges.The Charcoal Mate has dual air vents on the dome for better indirect cooking.The air intake vent gives an even charcoal burn and no ash falls out of the bowl. The ash is easily removed by lifting and tipping the BBQ bowl upside down.This affordable BBQ has ample cooking space for the kettle barbecue lover who wants a durable and practical kettle that cooks beautifully.

Technical features
Type of fuel



P 63,5 x L 64,2 x H 97,5 cm

Grill size

ø 54,5 cm


10 kg

1 cooking surface
  • CHAR. MATE: up to 5
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