Hybrid cooking

A unique barbecue of its kind: made of electrogalvanised steel painted anthracite and stainless steel, Pizza&Cucina is equipped with an oven, a special accessory that makes this product versatile and suitable for a wide variety of cooking methods. It features a 45×110 cm cooking surface, a trolley with wheels and is designed to neatly store all the accessories.
Pizza&Cucina is equipped with a device to regulate the intensity of the flame and a practical ash collection and discharge system.

1 refractory plate
1 wood firepit
1 cast iron cooking planch
1 charcoal firepit
1 wok
1 firestarter tool
2 lift-grill tools
3 cast iron cooking griddles

Technical features
Type of fuel


External dimensions

P 59,7 x L 118 x H 118,8 cm

Cooking surfaces

P 45 x L 110 cm

Chimney diameter

100 mm


135 kg

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    1 cooking surface
    BREAD (KG)
    1 cooking surface
    1 cooking surface
    • PIZZA&CUCINA: up to 8

    The ignition is very easy thanks to the combustion chamber specially created to facilitate this operation and to ensure a stable and uniform distribution of heat with each of the accessories. The practical ash collection drawer facilitates cleaning operations.


    All the accessories supplied are easy to find inside the cart.
    Adjustable: Pizza & Cucina is equipped with a device to regulate the combustion air and therefore the intensity of temperature and fuel consumption.


    Configure your Pizza&Cucina is a cinch: just use the accessories supplied with the product according to the configuration instructions and in a few seconds you will be ready for a surprising cooking experience.


    Pizza&Cucina is equipped with a device for regulating the air income and therefore the intensity of the temperature and fuel consumption.


    Ignition is easy thanks to the combustion chamber, and to ensure a stable and uniform heat distribution. The practical drawer collects ash for the easiest cleaning.


    All accessories find accommodation within the cart. The lid of the oven and the barbecue is securely hinged to the structure of the kitchen.


    Smart retractable hook for an easy fitting of the tools inside the trolley.


    The lid of the oven and the barbecue is solidly hinged to the kitchen structure.

    Configure your oven according to the dishes you want to cook.

    You can choose from the 6 combinations, the one that suits you best. Simple in setting up, versatile in the type of cooking, an incredible range of flavors.


    By placing the firewood-holder brazier and the refractory plate inside the hearth, we configure our oven for the traditional baking of pizza and bread. The lighting and feeding of the fire is made using the side container brazier.This revolutionary oven allows to obtain the required temperature for pizza in just 10 minutes.


    By placing the charcoal in the large coal holder steel suface, positioning the sturdy cast iron grids with high thermal efficiency and lowering the lid we are able to create the ideal environment for indirect cooking of any dish, especially foods of great size that need a slower and more penetrating cooking. In the configuration barbecue the fuel to be used is the charcoal of wood, which has to be placed on the large plate-brazier and lighted using the practical steel container to fill with ethanol or fire-gel.


    The art of perfectly smoking a fish or a piece of meat is all in the personal recipe of aromas and woods for the smoker, but also in the choice of the right tool. In this configuration a small fire must be lighted within the main brazier and the coal-holder plate in this case is used as a container for the aromas and the scents used. The lid has to be left closed as well as the inlet opening, using the door supplied.


    The real cooking on cast iron plancha is now possible even on a wood burning fireplace.The most delicate dishes, fish and shellfish find their ideal cooking medium. The wood must be lighted within the main brazier, and the plancha has to be placed flush with the top of the barbecue. The lid is left open and the chimney pipe supplied must be housed on the smoke outlet hole.


    Included in the standard equipment there is also a wok pan for cooking oriental dishes and delicate sautéed vegetables and fish. The configuration includes the plancha positioned flush with the top of the barbecue, the combustion to be carried inside the main brazier and the insertion of the wok pan by removing the disk of cast iron in the centre of the plancha.


    Using the same configuration planned for the barbecue and lighting the charcoal in the same way using the container for the firegel, in 20 minutes we manage to obtain a vigorous ember. Leave the lid of the oven open to obtain the most classic of barbecueson the grill.

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