Enhance the flavours of the dishes
Direct cooking ovens

Fontana ovens that exploit the direct cooking technique are highly specialized structures that allow very fast lighting and pre-heating times, with a consequent reduction in wood consumption. The ember’s flame celebrate the flavours of the dishes, allowing endless food recipes.

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Cooking without compromise
Indirect cooking ovens

This type of ovens, thanks to its particular technology is able to reach high temperatures in a short time, keeping the temperature steady and allowing it (togliere it) to cook for many hours, shortening the preheating time of typical traditional ovens.

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Hybrid cooking ovens

The future is now, an oven that is also barbecue, a system that allows all types of cooking and quickly realizes all the ideas and possible recipes. This hybrid technology, designed by Fontana has allowed the realization of these multifunction outdoor ovens, configurable according to the needs.

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We help our customers to choose the oven that best suits their needs.

The dimensions of the cooking chambers, an important indication to understand what can be cooked and in which quantity, to meet the needs of families and their guests.

The oven for you

What would you like to cook? Choose the oven according to the food you want to prepare.

Our ovens offer the possibility to cook many dishes, to satisfy the tastes of the whole family. Choosing the right oven allows you to enhance your special recipes, telling a lifestyle. Discover the “made in Fontana” proposals, traditional and refined dishes for those who love good food.