Indirect cooking

People, essential and minimal lines for an oven with a cooking chamber 80×45 cm that allows you to bake on three levels simultaneously thanks to the new ventilation system CLEVER.
The internal lighting allows you to conveniently monitor the cooking phases.

1 refractory griddle
1 large cooking pans
2 chromed grills
1 fire tool
1 chimney top
1 thermometer

Technical features
Type of fuel


External dimensions

P 118 x L 101 x H 173 cm

Cooking chamber size

P 80 x L 45 x H 40 cm

Hourly consumption

~ 3,4 kg

Nominal heat output

6 kw

Smoke temperature


Flue diameter

150 mm


250 kg


CLEVER, a totally renewed ventilation system that allows to reach 250 degrees in 25 minutes (*) with the use of only 1.5 kg of wood, responding positively to energy saving and efficiency needs.
The fan, located in the back wall of the oven, allows you to suck the vapors produced by food, eliminating all kinds of moisture from the cooking chamber.
At the same time, the heat that comes directly from the combustion chamber at the base of the cooking chamber, makes a mandatory rotary path thanks to the force exerted by the fan. This pushes the heat from the back of the oven to the front, which vents at this point by small holes positioned in the front: this not only allows perfectly homogeneous cooking but prevents the sudden release of heat at the time of opening the oven, creating an air barrier.
*temperature and time refer to an oven with dimensions 45×80

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