Mangiafuoco gas

Direct cooking

Oven with 80×60 cm cooking chamber. Equipped with a practical stainless steel trolley with support surface, wheels and tool hook, it is equipped with a flue equipped with a smoke regulation valve and cap, closing door on the fire mouth. The fire surface is made of high quality refractory chamotte certified for food use. The internal structure is in stainless steel while the external is in electro-galvanized steel treated with high temperature paints for maximum resistance to heat, bad weather and rust. The oven insulation is made of natural rock wool and allows the temperature to be contained more effectively and prevents the external structure from heating up too much.



1 pipe with chimney
1 fire door with no-hot handle
1 analogic thermometer
1 hose and pressure regulator
4 support feet
1 hybrid kit

Technical features
Type of fuel


External dimensions

P 85,5 x L 98 x H 200 cm

Cooking chamber size

P 60 x L 80 x H 34 cm

Hourly consumption

1906 g/h max LPG

Potenza termica nominale

Gusto 100 – 9,5 kw
Gusto 80×54 – 8,3 kw
Gusto 80 – 8 kw
Gusto 57 – 6 kw

Temperatura fumi

Gusto 100 – 190°C
Gusto 80×54 – 190°C
Gusto 80 – 190°C
Gusto 57 – 190°C

Flue diameter

150 mm



With the new Hybrid Kit by Fontana, it is now possible to configure the oven from gas to wood, and
let our taste decide which fuel to use for our cooking.
The set consists of a plate to cover the burner, the wood-holder firebox and the handy “poker” fire tool to manage the wood embers once lit.
Its use is very simple: it is sufficient to cover and protect the burner compartment with the thick stainless
steel plate, and then light the fire at the bottom of the cooking chamber, leaving a comfortable space for the cooking of your dishes in front of the oven mouth.

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    1 hob
    • MANG. GAS: 4
    BREAD (KG)
    1 hob
    • MANG. GAS: 3 – 5
    1 hob
    • MANG. GAS: up to 6
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