Our family
Traditional workshops: The history
An intuitive business idea of the three brothers, Giuseppe, Bruno and Carlo, who started building ovens in the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship.
Over 70 years

of professionalism

Traditional workshops is not just a simple slogan here in Fontana Forni. It is a belief that we have carried forward for over seventy years, forged from experimentation, passion for our work and respect for the world around us.

The company’s origins

Fontana was founded back in 1946 when Italy was entering a new era, filled with challenges and opportunities, where individual ingenuity, willpower and passion made it possible for people to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

And this is where the Fontana company started, in the heart of Italy’s Marche region, in the hard-working Cesano valley, a proud land with a passion for tradition.

Passion for our work

Three generations of the Fontana family now steer the company, maintaining the commitment and original concept of its founders, namely to produce reliable ovens, searching for innovative solutions through the use of reliable, top-class materials.
More than just a simple company, a family that has evolved through its work, a testimony to creativity and Italian tradition.

Tradition in step with innovation

Fontana workshops are equipped with the latest technology for laser cutting, bending and digital machining which allows the company to oversee the entire production line from start to finish and guarantee a truly “Made in Italy” product, or better still, a real “100% Made in Fontana” product!
The production site in San Lorenzo in Campo is an authentic hub of traditional artisans where genuine craftsmanship is combined with cutting-edge technology.

The skill of our artisans has made the name Fontana famous, achieving acclaim around the world, as well as representing a true school for industrial expertise which has trained generations of professional steel workers.

The two production units, situated in the heart of the unspoilt Marche region, consists of 5,500 square metres under cover, producing thousands of meticulously crafted stoves and ovens every year.

Fontana today

Fontana today is a leading manufacturer of wood-fired ovens, 100% made in Italy, drawing on its extensive experience and professional approach acquired in over seventy years of history to produce cutting-edge stoves and ovens which integrate innovative technology in a reliable, timeless product.
Over forty countries worldwide are serviced by a network of specialised distributors and dealers who allow the company to maintain a constant presence in global markets.

But the story of Fontana does not end here. Over time, the company has diversified its interests, becoming a real group, adding the Calore division, specifically dedicated to the construction of stoves, built in the “Fontana” style, using the same construction principles as the ovens, adhering to the same standards of excellence and quality.
Thus, the Fontana group brings its creations into your homes, crafted for those people who love fire and appreciate its value and tradition.

What does Fontana represent today? Thousands of ovens and stoves produced every year that are shipped to over forty countries. Places to which Fontana exports the dream of all cooking enthusiasts and people who want to heat their homes in style with renewable energy.