Indirect cooking

Cooking without compromise
Choose an indirect
cooking oven
Separate combustion chamber

The main distinguishing feature of indirect cooking is the presence of two separate chambers: one for cooking and one for burning wood.
This is an optimal solution to prevent the preparations from coming into contact with the fumes – which are expelled through the flue – and to allow the cooking of several dishes at the same time.
The technology used for the construction of these products, such as the use of 12 cm of rock wool for insulation, allows in a short time to reach – and maintain during the cooking phases – high temperatures with reduced wood use (max 2.5 kg)saving time and fuel.


This product also has a unique feature in the market: the vault of the stainless steel cooking chamber has a rounded shape and not flat. A solution that, despite its processing requires a greater use of resources, allows to obtain a uniform heat distribution – thanks to which it is not necessary to ‘turn’ the dishes during cooking – and prevent fuel residues from settling on the vault, thereby reducing emissions to the atmosphere.a
The external structure is in anti-rust electro-galvanized steel and powder coated.
The Wood Oven comes with a practical trolley already mounted and equipped with sturdy wheels to be placed anywhere and stored in the shed during the winter months.

Clever: innovative ventilation system

A totally renewed ventilation system (present on models Gusto, People, Fiamma 80, INC QV, People Incasso) that allows to reach 250 degrees in 25 minutes (*) with the use of only 1.5 kg of wood, responding positively to energy saving and efficiency needs.
The fan, located in the back wall of the oven, allows you to suck the vapors produced by food, eliminating all kinds of moisture from the cooking chamber.
At the same time, the heat that comes directly from the combustion chamber at the base of the cooking chamber, makes a mandatory rotary path thanks to the force exerted by the fan.
This pushes the heat from the back of the oven to the front, which vents at this point by small holes positioned in the front: this not only allows perfectly homogeneous cooking but prevents the sudden release of heat at the time of opening the oven, creating an air barrier.
*temperature and time refer to an oven with dimensions 45×80


No need to “turn” food during cooking, no need for maintenance and fewer emissions into the atmosphere as any combustion residue, not being able to settle on the rounded roof, returns to the combustion chamber and is definitively incinerated. Furthermore, the oven also includes refractory materials on the sides and not just the base.


Indirect ovens can cook several dishes at the same time. Designed for baking bread, lasagne and all roasts, both fish and meat. When heated to 450 degrees, it becomes ideal for cooking pizza and many typical international dishes, such as Swiss ‘gratins’, German ‘flamkuchen’, or Ligurian ‘farinata’.

Standard equipment
2.5 Kg

of wood needed to start cooking

30/45 minutes

to reach a temperature of 300°C

420 degrees centigrade

the magical temperature to cook real Neapolitan pizza

30 Kg

of porchetta that can be cooked in a Gusto 100

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