Indirect cooking

Cooking without compromise
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cooking oven
Separate combustion chamber

In an indirect fired oven, combustion takes place in a separate chamber from the one where food is cooked isolating the two compartments between them.

In this way the smoke does not come in contact with the preparations, because it comes out through the chimney. This feature allows the oven to simultaneously cook several dishes at the same time, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding food enthusiasts.

This type of ovens, thanks to its particular technology is able to reach high temperatures in a short time, keeping the temperature steady and allowing to cook for many hours, shortening the preheating time of typical traditional ovens.

This system also allows you to use in proportion very little wood for cooking, for extreme comfort, convenience and a substantial saving in time and money.

Cooking with wood fire guarantees unbeatable results in terms of perfect cooking of food, fragrance and a strong fat reduction, thanks to the high caloric power generated.

The indirect-fired wood oven was invented 30 years ago by Giovanni Fontana , with the clear purpose of creating a cooking solution that avoided the installation and use difficulties  typical of the traditional refractory oven, but above all that assured the possibility of cooking for many hours uninterruptedly, avoiding the inconvenience of pre-heating typical of traditional ovens.

Combi Cooking

The double ventilation system sucks up and pushes the vapours, containing smells and fats, sideways towards hot surfaces, the refractory sides, that eliminate them, allowing the cooking of different dishes at the same time (like fish, vegetables, pasta) without mixing aromas.

Ready to use

The indirect fired oven comes already mounted by our expert craftsmen, avoiding loss of time or additional costs for the assembly.

Uniform heat distribution

Fontana is the only company in its field to propose the cooking chamber with the traditional rounded vault shape: this solution , although more expensive than the flat chambers of competitors, allows an optimal and more uniform heat distribution.

Easy Cleaning

The side and back panels of the cooking chamber can be easily removed to allow a perfect cleaning even in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the peculiar structure of Fontana oven, enabling to reach very high temperatures, allows the destruction of fat , making easier to clean the persistent dirt.


Thanks to the sturdy wheels, the oven can be placed anywhere and stored inthe garage during the winter.


Thanks to the sturdy wheels, the oven can be placed anywhere and stored inthe garage during the winter.

Immediately in temperature

It takes only 30 minutes to reach 300 ° C and start to cook.


6 years limeted warranty.


No need to “turn” the food during cooking, no need for maintenance and lower emissions into the atmosphere because any residue of combustion, not being able to deposit on the rounded roof, returns to the combustion chamber where it is finally incinerated. Furthermore the oven provides refractory materials on the sides and not only on the base.

Fully accesorized.

The oven is equipped with internal lighting and ventilation at 12 volts (transformer included);

The specialities

For the most demanding cooking enthusiast, the multi-cooking oven that can cook up to three different dishes at the same time. Born for baking of bread, lasagna and all the roasts, both fish and meat. Brought to 450 degrees, it becomes ideal for cooking pizza and many typical international dishes, such as the Swiss “gratin”, the German “flamkuchen”, or the Ligurian farinata.

4 Kg

Wood are required to start cooking

30/45 minutes

to reach a temperature of 300 ° C

420 degrees

the magic temperature for cooking real Neapolitan pizza

30 Kg

of porchetta that can be cooked in a Gusto 100