Maestro, Symphony of Italian Cooking

The new direct cooking Pizza Oven (and more)

We are proud to announce that Maestro, the new high-performance pizza oven that allows you to prepare your favorite dishes wherever you want, designed by Whynot Design, is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2022

Maestro, a perfect match between cutting-edge technology, Italian culinary tradition and unique design, stands out for its high performance:

  • Perfect roundness of the vault facilitates air circulation.
  • Gas burner positioned at the bottom, able to distribute heat evenly and in less time.
  • Reduced gas consumption, thanks to the smoke outlet circuit, it forces the heat to stay even longer inside the cooking chamber.

Maestro is available in two different sizes, to adapt to every need, to prepare pizzas and much more, from the home garden to a camping holiday!

Maestro 60, useful cooking surface of 60×40 cm, to guarantee identical performance to those of a professional oven, but with the advantage of being able to be taken anywhere.

Maestro 40, the smallest oven of the Fontana family, but with the largest cooking area on the market in its category: 40×40 cm.

What unites the two Maestro models are the high performance of Maestro, also guaranteed by the high insulating material that insulates the vault, allowing you to reach high temperatures in less time with less fuel consumption.

What would the RECIPE be without MAESTRO?

Maestro 60
Maestro 40